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How Do Men Show Their Emotions?

Can a woman feel if a man has already fallen in love with her? If a woman has already seen what she is looking for in a guy, then, she can already read his mind.

For the most part, men are uncomfortable with feelings. However, men are taught since childbirth to control and compose their emotions, thus, they are having a hard time expressing their feelings to a woman. “True men don’t show emotion” is what they are taught.

Because men opt to hide their feelings, the women are usually having a hard time in figuring how her man feels about her. A woman must study thoroughly a man’s actions, not his words in order to read his emotions and what he truly feel towards the woman.

This article will discuss the ways on how a man acts when he is in love.

When a man shows a woman his softer side, it can tell that the man is in love.

The man became more open in showing his softer side to a woman when he has already fell in love. A man can become very emotional to a woman when he has already fell in love with her, no matter how macho he is when it comes to his friends. A man can become more physically affectionate to a woman in a non-sexual way when the man has already fell in love with the woman. For example, he might hold your hand or wrap his arms around you on the couch. He might come up behind you, wrap his arms around you, and kiss your neck from behind. The man won’t bother looking around the public because he only has his eye on the girl.

A man saying “I love you” to a woman is also another sign that he is in love with her.

Men will opt to say “I love you” to the woman that they love even though it is kind of straight forward. “I love you” is just 3 words, however, it has a deep meaning once used, thus, men do not usually say these word to a woman if they are still confused about what they feel. The man will not say those exact words if he is unsure about what he feels. Once the man used a less powerful word, or if he tries to change the topic or making a smart remark, then, he is still unsure about his feelings.

The last action that will determine if a man is truly in love is when he wants to be with the girl the whole time.

Another way men act when they are in love is they start spending more time at home than they do at work or out with their buddies. When a man has strong, powerful feelings for you, then he’ll want to be around you.